ChristianNetGuide is a focal point for community action.

ChristianNetGuide   is a focal point for community action. As God’s people become better connected, there emerges both a set of shared values and a robust platform for promoting those values

ChristianNetGuide   allows for the development of the church as a hyperlinked, distributed network built upon a foundation of shared values. The life the local Christian community is built upon, and governed by, consensus around foundational doctrines embedded in the statement of faith and the terms of service.

ChristianNetGuide   provides an infrastructure that translates community consensus to community action. Individuals have a platform to address the local Christian community as posts are visible to that local community. ChristianNetGuide   also allows for the planning of community events and events that need the support of the community.  ChristianNetGuide   facilitates the expression of strength in numbers provided by the local Christian community.

ChristianNetGuide  is positioned to support a robust  platform that represents the interests of the local Christian community. In an age where Christian face increasing hostility and politicians and corporate benefactors prove to be less than reliable, we must first trust in God and then lean on each other for support.

ChristianNetGuide  is positioned to support a robust  political action in a way that protect the churches from losing their tax-exempt status.ChristianNetGuide can facilitate political activism within the church that is both structured to be in compliance with the guidelines laid out in IRS publication 1828 and effective within the marketplace.

ChristianNetGuide is organized in a distributed, organic network structure allow it to facilitate any social movement and social configuration that is essential to perform actions that bring glory to God and bring liberty, deliverance and justice to those who are downtrodden

For more information how you can be part of a robust platform that represents the interests of the local Christian community, contact ChristianNetGuide.

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