ChristianNetGuide is a place to exercise material giftings to the local community.

Ephesians 4 teaches us that Christians are each members of one body that are organically joined together. This body grows up into maturity as each part does its work. While the primary focus s spiritual maturity, such an organic model also provides for the physical needs of the body. Those who are already dead in Christ no longer have physical needs but await their resurrection bodies. While the dead in Christ do not have physical needs, those who are alive in Christ still live upon the earth as the extended body of Christ and have the same physical needs that are common to living humanity.

ChristianNetGuide┬ácan use the same organic network model that allows the expression of spiritual gifts to also allow the expression of material gifts. ChristianNetGuide has a business directory that allows believers to connect with businesses run by fellow believers that minister to every human need. Organic business networking within the body of Christ can accomplish three things. It can foster genuine community where Christ’s Lordship over all of life can be modeled, it can meet humans needs of the body of Christ in a local community, and it can provide a setting for private transactions that lay beyond the influence of a contaminated secular public square.

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