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CNG Referral for New Covenant Church of the Apostles

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ChristianNetGuide Addendum

The following is an addendum or additional terms of service added by ChristianNetGuide. By
receiving this referral, you are agreeing to these terms in addition to whatever terms are stipulated by the
individual or organization represented by this page. In the event that there is a conflict between the terms
offered by a page and those offered by ChristianNetGuide, the term offered by ChristianNetGuide shall prevail.

–1 It is understood that services accessed through any referal on ChristianNetGuide are services offered through an
exclusive market. Acceptance of this referral counts as stipulating that ChristianNetGuide is an exclusive community
governed by a set of norms that are binding on all transaction done within the Community. Acceptance of this referral
counts as stipulating such services are not services offered by a business “doing business with the public.” It is understood
that, by accepting this referral, you are waiving any rights based on doing business with the public and that any legal remedies
are limited to adjudication of private transaction with private parties and private clubs.

–2 No referral for any product or service selling sexually explicit products shall be valid. Both Marketing and
solicitation of such products on ChristianNetGuide is a violation of the ChristianNetGuide Terms of Service.

–3 No referral for any product or service whose marketing or use is opposed to Christian morality shall be valid. This includes
but is not limited to bans to product or services promoting, supporting, or performing abortion, same-sex marriage, child marriage,
sex trafficking, pornography, prostitution, swinging, betting, or murder-for-hire.

ChristianNetGuide Addendum

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