ChristianNetGuide is a place to provide technological support for communication.

Communication plays an essential role in presentation of the gospel. Faith in the communicated word of God plays a critical role in both abundant spiritual life in this age and eternal life in the age to come. Changes in modes and accessibility to communication sometimes have far-reaching implications concerning the spiritual history of the world. It was no accident that the Initial Great Awakening that launched the church occurred during the Pax Romana. The Roman peace provided an ideal environment for communication. It is not an accident that the introduction of the printing press greatly facilitated the Reformation ministries of Martin Luther and John Calvin.


Setbacks in communication can negatively impact revival. Such set back include the breakdown of a necessary component that was a single point of failure, because those who would communicate lack a proper infrastructure to support the desired communications capability, or because those who would communicate lacked the necessary skill-sets. These roadblocks to communication often embattle small and medium sized organizations.   ChristianNetGuide can help small and medium sized organizations remedy these problems and provide a more robust platform for local Christian communities to communicate.


 The breakdown of a necessary component that was a single point of failure crippled the Azusa Street revival, which suffered a critical setback when Florence Crawford absconded the mailing list and skipped town. The lone copy of the  mailing list in the possession of a single person was the single point of failure that crippled the Azusa street Revival.  Many revivals have fallen short due to such single points of failure whether it be technical, a unfortunate event, or treachery by a key player. ChristianNetGuide can provide a distributed network that minimizes single points of failure.


Those who would communicate often lack either a proper infrastructure to support the desired communications capability or lacked necessary skill-sets to support such an infrastructure. This is particularly true of smaller organizations. ChristianNetGuide  can provide and facilitate the provision of such an infrastructure. ChristianNetGuide provides a social network community portal. ChristianNetGuide select partners can also provide full-stack Web development, printing, and multi-media services to support the communication needs of smaller  organizations and local Christian communities.