Welcome to ChristianNetGuide

Welcome to ChristianNetGuide

ChristianNetGuide is a community portal that connects both the Christian to the local Christian Community and connect Christian communities together into a world wide network. ChristianNetGuide provides seven distinct services

ChristianNetGuide is a safe haven for dialogue.

ChristianNetGuide as a focal point for seeking God.

ChristianNetGuide is a focusing lens for spiritual life. ChristianNetGuide helps local Christian focus spiritual life in both our pursuit of God and our action in the community.
ChristianNetGuide is a focal point for seeking God. God commands His people to seek Him in Sacred Assembly as His way of bringing revival. As the local Christian community seeks God together, God does great things on behalf of His people.God commands his people to seek Him. We are to seek him in sacred assembly, with the promise of revival to those who genuinely seek Him. ChristianNetGuide can promote and facilitate meetings and interfaces where people can individually and collectively seek God.
ChristianNetGuide is a focal point for community action. As God’s people become better connected, there emerges both a set of shared values and a robust platform for promoting those values. ChristianNetGuide allows for the development of the church as a hyperlinked, distributed network built upon a foundation of shared values. The life the local Christian community is built upon, and governed by, consensus around foundational doctrines embedded in the statement of faith and the terms of service.
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ChristianNetGuide is a place to exercise spiritual giftings to the local community.

ChristianNetGuide is a place to exercise spiritual and material giftings to the local community. God has given each of us gifts that we are to use as part of that great network called the body of Christ.ChristianNetGuide has a social and information technology infrastructure available to assist individual Christians in the expression of their physical and spiritual gifts to the body of Christ. This infrastructure also allows the “five-fold ministry” to equip the saints for ministry to fulfill the mandate of Ephesians 4:11-16 to bring the body of Christ to maturity.

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ChristianNetGuide is a place to exercise material giftings to the local community.

Ephesians 4 teaches us that Christians are each members of one body that are organically joined together. This body grows up into maturity as each part does its work. While the primary focus s spiritual maturity, such an organic model also provides for the physical needs of the body. Those who are already dead in Christ no longer have physical needs but await their resurrection bodies. While the dead in Christ do not have physical needs, those who are alive in Christ still live upon the earth as the extended body of Christ and have the same physical needs that are common to living humanity.

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ChristianNetGuide is a focal point for community action.

ChristianNetGuide is a place for protecting religious freedom.

ChristianNetGuide is a place for protecting religious freedom. There are tools available to the local Christian community that can protect religious freedom even in the midst of a hostile society and hostile state.ChristianNetGuide is a place where a platform can be provided that expresses strength in numbers. This can provide some protection from individual threats. In addition to this, there are three particular methods of protecting religious freedom that ChristianNetGuide is uniquely positioned to exploit to your benefit.. There is protection to “private clubs,” protection derived from the establishment clause, and protection found in doing business with protected entities in a protected and exclusive legal relationship.

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ChristianNetGuide is a place to provide technological support for communication.

 Communication plays an essential role in presentation of the gospel. Faith in the communicated word of God plays a critical role in both abundant spiritual life in this age and eternal life in the age to come. Changes in modes and accessibility to communication sometimes have far-reaching implications concerning the spiritual history of the world. It was no accident that the Initial Great Awakening that launched the church occurred during the Pax Romana. The Roman peace provided an ideal environment for communication. It is not an accident that the introduction of the printing press greatly facilitated the Reformation ministries of Martin Luther and John Calvin.

Setbacks in communication can negatively impact revival. Such set back include the breakdown of a necessary component that was a single point of failure, because those who would communicate lack a proper infrastructure to support the desired communications capability, or because those who would communicate lacked the necessary skill-sets. These roadblocks to communication often embattle small and medium sized organizations.   ChristianNetGuide can help small and medium sized organizations remedy these problems and provide a more robust platform for local Christian communities to communicate.

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