Connecting The Local Christian Community


Connecting the Local Christian Community

ChristianNetGuide 2.0 is being launched

ChristianNetGuide is undergoing changes in ministry direction that is nothing short of a transformation. The ministry direction for the short term will be local. ChristianNetGuide  has been moved to our own data center. The primary site is undergoing a redesign that will soon include a social networking application to help Christians connect to their local Christian community.

This will allow us to both provide Web development/hosting services to clients and use our primary site to pursue a ministry focus in uniting the local Christian community. We are starting in the Ohio River Valley to seek God’s face and prepare their saints for great awakening. Multiple prophetic words have been given proclaiming the Ohio Valley will be the epicenter of the Final Great Awakening. The Ohio Valley has a history  of being used to foster Great Awakenings, notably the Cane Ridge Revival that started the Second Great Awakening that change the history of America and the world. From there we will seek to unite Christian communities around the world. America and the world are in deep, deep trouble, and the only answer is found in seeking God (2 Chronicles 7:14; Joel 2).

Successful work in the Ohio Valley will result in the reproduction of similar projects in other locales under the auspices of ChristianNetGuide .

For more information on how to be part of a movement that helps individuals seek God and stirs the body of Christ to collectively seek God,  contact ChristianNetGuide.

ChristianNetGuide exists to help unify the body of Christ.

ChristianNetGuide  exists to help unify the body of Christ. ChristianNetGuide  uses the power of a distributed network architecture to facilitate efforts bring unity into the body of Christ as each person does his part to build up the body.  In John 17 Jesus prays to the Father for there to be unity in the church. He prays for us to be one as Christ is one with God the Father. In God’s program for unity, unity is based on the fundamental realities that are in God: One body, one Spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of us all (Ephesians 4: 4-6). The operations of God in the church, as they take their free course will bring about commonalities that develop unity. God communicates of Himself, using his Holy word who is himself God (John 1:1), to the church to set her apart as a unified vessel.


Why Join ChristianNetGuide

ChristianNetGuide exists to help Christians connect to the local community. We live in times of both increasing danger and increasing opportunity. The danger is posed by a world that is increasingly hostile to both Christianity and liberty, making it increasingly difficult to live as a free Christian. However, the opportunity is there for the greatest revival the world has ever seen as we close in on the time of the great harvest of both wheat and tares (Matthew 13:24-30, 37-43). ChristianNetGuide can help Christians seek protection from the dangers and capitalize on the opportunities.



ChristianNetGuide is a safe haven for dialogue.

ChristianNetGuide  is a safe haven for dialogue. As Christians face increasing hostility on a global scale, social interaction among Christians using standard platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google becomes riskier. Eventually it will become unfeasible for Christians to use these platforms to discuss Christian perspectives, which are seen as unacceptable by those in the world.


ChristianNetGuide as a focal point for seeking God

ChristianNetGuide  is a focal point for seeking God. God commands His people to seek Him in Sacred Assembly as His way of bringing revival. As the local Christian community seeks God together, God does great things on behalf of His people.

God commands his people to seek Him. We are to seek him in sacred assembly, with the promise of revival to those who genuinely seek Him.ChristianNetGuide  can promote and facilitate meetings and interfaces where people can individually and collectively seek God.


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