Ephesians: A Primer for the Church

Ephesians is God’s Magnum Opus for the Church. Ephesians is divided into two broad sections. From 1:1-4:16 we are given a conceptual foundation for church rooted in what God has done. These conceptual foundations are a focus of Calvinistic approaches to theology. Verses 4:17- 6:24 is practical application instructing us in what we must do. These instructions in practical application are often a focus of Arminian approaches to theology.


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The Logic of God

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Circle of Faith: As We proclaim God's Word to the hearing, it produces faith which yields more proclamation of God's word in a circle of increasing supernatural power.

This page is a guide to using our confessions of faith as a weapon of spiritual warfare and as a tool to access the things of God. We have been given precious promises, that through them we might “partake of the divine nature (2 Peter 1:1-4).” Our confession do two things. They provide a means through which realities that exist in deep spiritual and quantum mechanical realms to become instantiated or manifested in our everyday world. They also provide a means to focus our faith.

The purpose of this document is to serve a practical guide to use of confession in the field.Download link

For a more in-depth theological understanding of how confession works, you can go here1.

For a more in-depth quantum mechanical understanding of how confession works, you can go here2.

Here are 24 major confession to meditate on and use in  your spiritual warfare. This list is by no means exhaustive  but should give a good start:

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Mystery Jerusalem Rising

Mystery Jerusalem Rising is a historical view of the God’s intervention in history over the past 5000 years. Read more to see the development of God’s story from Creation to the Second Coming of Jesus. (While this book is live, it is still under development)

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Equipping the Saints

Equipping the Saints is designed to both provide a comprehensive basic understanding of the Bible and equip the people of God to live the Christian life both as individuals and as a community. Equipping the Saints is six books in one:Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith, Basic Practices of the Christian Faith, Walking in Love, Spiritual Warfare, How Do We Know, and Biblical Hermeneutics.

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The Conceptual God

The Conceptual God presents a strong case for Divine Conceptualism and Structural Realism. The Conceptual God shows that Conceptualism is the only coherent answer to the problem of universals and that Divine Conceptualism is the only coherent form of Conceptualism. The Conceptual God then shows how quantum mechanics can provide a scientific way of explaining how this functions in our physical world. The Conceptual God ends by parsing out the implications of this for life and faith. View the PDF for this book here – The Conceptual God

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Revelation Revealed

The book of Revelation is the ultimate hypertext, linked to all of Scripture. While chock full of information about the end times, the story of Revelation is simple: As we Praise God, Pray to God, and Proclaim God’s Word; God reveals Himself, and great judgments fall!!!

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Mystery Babylon Rising

The New World Order is not new. In fact it has existed for thousands of years.  Mystery Babylon Rising traces the history of the New World Order from the Tower of Babel to the Present day in a unique fashion that integrates the Biblical narrative with historical data. A quite insighful read for understanding the world we live in today.

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